The Amazing Grace Company ~ An Inspirational Dance Company


The Amazing Grace Company ~ An Inspirational Dance Company

Amazing Grace is a company that serves as an outlet for  dancers of all genres with intermediate to professional skill levels. “Serving the world through dance; to feed the soul!”


The Amazing Grace Dance Company was formed in 2006 by Kenya M.Griffin, and is the performing and professional entity of the Amazing Grace Liturgical Dancers, which was formed in 2000. The Amazing Grace Liturgical Dancers was created out of vision to enhance the worship experience, and to give dancers an outlet to interpret the word during worship. Amazing Grace has since grown into a professional dance ensemble that has given dancers who choose to combine their extensive training, passion for dance, spirituality and soul into a non-traditional all genera dance company. Their movement draws you into stories of love, healing, joy, sorrow and redemption.  Amazing Grace has raised the standard for  inspirational dancers across the nation, and around the world with their precise and powerful movement that is always done in excellence.

Amazing Grace is based in midtown Atlanta, Georgia next to the birth home of  civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. In the heart of the city where it’s diverse surrounding communities can partake in discounted and free classes, and  participate in Amazing Grace’s open rehearsals once a month. The company is also heavily involved in working with and bringing awareness to people affected by and living with HIV/AIDS as well as mentoring young girls.  Amazing Grace Dance Company is one of the only dance companies to have dancers and choreographers in cities across the country;  making the experience of collaborating  and being educated by talented and skilled dancers more accessible.

The backgrounds, passion, skill and more importantly the diverse spiritual backgrounds of the company members adds to the dynamic uniqueness of every presentation; affording them opportunities to collaborate with professional and non-professional dancers and artist in both the contemporary and spiritual arenas.

“Serving the world through dance;  to feed the soul!”