“The Black Tradition in American Dance” Richard A. Long

RichardALongBlackTraditionThe Black Tradition in American Dance

By Richard A. Long (Author)

Format: Hardcover

This book “surveys all of the major personalities in Black dance from the 1920′s to the present day” (1989 copyright). Photographs by Joe Nash.

Inside the cover, it sums it up, “Richard Long’s elegantly illustrated (photos) book, dedicated to Pearl Primus and Katherine Dunham, show how the varied contributions of many talented and persevering men and women have put Black dance and dancers in the spotlight. … the book traces all the strands, motifs, and fashions in Afro-American dance from the early minstrels, through the dance dramas of Isadata Dafora, to the thriving dance companies of today – Alvin Ailey, Harlem, Nanette Bearden, Dayton, Philadelphia [plus Josephine Baker, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, etc.- ballet, modern, and tap]…”
I have been looking for a book like this for a long time. It has many great photos of many people, some I have known, and some I had no idea of their contribution to Dance History. It’s hard to find, but worth the wait!

By J. Laws on April 22, 2000

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