Carol Lloyd — Dunham Legacy Keeper

CHLProfile2013Carol Lloyd

Founder/Executive Director — The Dunham Institute-Atlanta, Inc.

Executive Consultant | Special Events Producer | Writer | Fundraiser

Publisher, La Danse Noire, Inc.

 At age 16, Carol was introduced to Dunham Technique by way of her mentor, Jackie Thompson, a protégé of Katherine Dunham.

It was at The Thompson School of Dunham Technique and Allied Arts where Carol learned that Dunham Technique is “a way of life.” She was instructed on the rudiments of the Technique and was challenged with teaching a children’s Dunham Technique class as part of her training in dance while still a youth.


It was there where she was introduced to Archie Savage (original Dunham dancer), Mor Thiam (master Senegalese percussionist), Eusabio Lobo da Silva (Brazilian capoeira master) and many others who were working with the Performing Arts Training Center (PATC) at that time.


Her career pursuits include producing the Theater and Dance Programs of the Centennial Olympic Games’ Cultural Olympiad while featuring Gregor Seyffert and Company, Miami City Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Soweto Street Beat Dance Company, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Netherlands Dance Theater, Pilobolus Dance Theatre, Phoenix Dance Company, Karas, Ballethnic Dance Company and Compagnie Ebene, Royal Thai Ballet, the Atlanta Ballet and many others during this iconic period.




Her journey has encompassed the presentation of several Dunham legends to include Miss Dunham, Tommy Gomez, Carmencita Romero and Doris Bennet Glasper, to name a few. Upon the passing of Jeanelle Stovall, Miss Dunham’s administrator for over 37 years, Carol produced the 22nd Annual International Dunham Technique Seminar. This historic event was the last seminar presented prior to Miss Dunham’s transition and produced the first issue of the “Dunham Technique Legacy Series.”


She has presented and produced numerous festivals, celebrity birthday events, and dance legends. Her most recent accomplishments were obtained while working with icons in the Civil Rights movement. She assumes her leadership role in dance to celebrate, promote and preserve the legacy of Katherine Dunham.

In 2014, Ms. Lloyd revisited her original concept of La Danse Noire.  With the direction, support and resources of a diverse board, Carol launched the online repository to celebrate, promote and preserve the legacy of Black Dance.

Carol is the living embodiment of Miss Dunham’s pioneering concept of “socialization through the arts” and credits her orientation through Dunham for her successes in life.



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