Christiane de Rougemont


Christiane de Rougemont is a dancer and choreographer.

She started her training in dance in Lyon at the age of five year at the Line School Trillat and studied with Mary Wigman, Jacques Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Janine Solane. She also studied with Lilian Arlen and Karin Waehner in Paris.

In 1963, she left to continue her studies at the Martha Graham School, when she received a fellowship from the Katherine Dunham School on 42nd street in New York. Her formative training was learning the rudiments of Dunham Technique based on dances of Afro-American dance traditions.. In 1964 Christiane de Rougemont accompanied Katherine Dunham as an assistant during the filming of The Bible of John Huston, and the choreography of the opera Aida (Metropolitan Opera in New York), Faust (Southern Illinois University) in the United States , and the comedy Two Angels Theater of Paris in France. She also participated in educational tours with Katherine Dunham in Europe and the United States between 1964 and 1966. In 1965, Christiane de Rougemont began to teach Dunham Technique to the International Dance Academy of Cologne, the International Center of Dance (CID), the International Meetings in contemporary dance (IDRC) in Paris, and completed many internships in the province.

In 1968, Christiane joined Katherine Dunham for two years in the heart of the ghetto of East St. Louis (USA) for the creation of the Performing Arts Training Center (PATC)  and the Dynamic Museum, where she was named director of the Department of Dance. Upon her return to France in 1971, Christiane Rougemont improvised on stage concert with musicians from free jazz. She founded with singer Annick Nozati, free dance song association which aims to the meeting between musicians and dancers form improv shows. The company toured in France, in Europe and in Africa (Ministry of cooperation) with the participation of dancers, mainly Elsa Wolliaston but also Viviane Serry, Hideyuki Yano, Harry Sheppard, at stimulating Erns, Alain de Raucourt, and a lot of musicians including Ambrose Jackson , Pierre Cheriza, Francois Nyombo, Evan Chandlee, Steve Pott, Pancho Blumenzweig, Merzak Muthanna, Marc-wheel, Jeff Sicare and many others.



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