The Dunham Children’s Workshop


The Children’s Workshop has become an integral part of the Dunham Technique Seminar.  Children ages 4 – 18 participate in this exciting program.

In addition to the adult classes, children from the Workshop and other parts of the community take classes and are rigorously trained during this period.  Their classroom instruction begins at 9:00 a.m. and concludes at 5:00 p.m. daily (Monday through Saturday).  Workshop students receive training in Dunham Technique, West African dance, ballet, modern and jazz dance.  In addition, they receive training and applied skills in various arts and crafts mediums.

Typically, the Children’s Workshop is conducted over a six week period.  It begins two weeks prior to the Seminar, and concludes two weeks after the Seminar.  Past program offerings included the utilization of a curriculum based program incorporating the online repository of the Katherine Dunham Collection created by the Library of Congress.  This online presentation makes available a selection of photographs from the Library of Congress, the Missouri Historical Society and Southern Illinois University; film and videotape excerpts from Dunham’s research and performing career; and selections form the Library’s Dunham Legacy Project, which documented her dance technique.  In addition, a complete inventory of the collection is included.

The release of the Web collection coincided with the 2004 Visionary Awards and Intergenerational Summit on the State of Black America.  Ms. Dunham was an honoree during this event, and the award presentation was jointly sponsored by the Library’s American Folklife Center and the National Visionary Leadership Project.

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