Institute for Dunham Technique Certification


Institute for Dunham Technique Certification

(Pictured in Photo:  Certification Candidate Michelle Gibson lives in Irving,Texas. Originally from New Orleans, she relocated to Texas after Katrina.  Photo Credit: Patricia Wilson)


The Institute for Dunham Technique Certification attracted people from around the world.  From July 6-11, 2014 IDTC held its 20th certification Workshop at the beautiful facilities of the University of South Florida in Tampa. Participants travelled from Vermont, New York, Detroit, Saint Louis, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Texas, and other parts of the U.S., as well as Toronto, Paris and Barbados.  The event was hosted by USF dance professor John Parks, former principle dancer of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.  IDTC, now in its twentieth year, holds the honor and responsibility of developing the next generation of Certified Dunham Technique Instructors.

Kicking off the week, the symposium entitled, “Dunham Technique, Isolations, and American Social Dance”, featured speaker Rennie Harris, who wowed the audience with his testimonial of how he began as a street thug and is now a renown choreographer, sharing his artistic genius on stages around the world. His story, told with words and through dance, would have delighted the late Katherine Dunham!  He epitomized what Dunham spent her life showing others how to do: using dance and other arts to re-focus and transform counterproductive energy into artistic creations of interest and value.   Rounding out the symposium, Dr. Halifu Osumare and Dr. Joanna Dee Das, as well as M.A graduate of Howard University, Saroya Corbett, shared enlightening presentations on various aspects of the work of Katherine Dunham.

The Certification Workshop is composed of lecture/participation training sessions in Pedagogy and History/Theory and intensive training in Dunham Technique, as well as sample teaching by Candidates in Process. The week included Master Classes and public community classes taught by IDTC’s finest certified teachers.   Some classes had as many as sixty participants.

The primary purpose of the Certification Workshop is to educate, train and certify those who will continue the legacy of Katherine Dunham through teaching, lecturing and choreographic presentations.  The group included 16 certified instructors, 7 candidates-in-process and 12 potential candidates, dance majors from University of South Florida and members of the general public interested in dance, history and Dunham technique.

“We already have ten inquiries for next July, and we anticipate another wonderful Certification Workshop in 2015.”, says IDTC Co-Director Penny Godboldo.  She shares that title with Co-Chair Patricia Wilson, both newly elected into their positions.

Dunham Certification Workshop takes place annually in July and those seeking more information about certification may email us at or visit our website:

Source:  Penny Godboldo, IDTC Co-Director (Aug. 8, 2014)



Tampa is host to the Institute of Dunham Technique Certification

by Saroya Corbett

(Tampa, FL, August 2014)  Last month the Institute of Dunham Technique Certification embarked on their annual Dunham Technique Certification Workshop. Hosted by the University of South Florida in sunny Tampa, Florida, the Certification Workshop participants engaged in six days of Dunham Technique dance, pedagogy, history, and theory classes.

The event kicked off with a free Katherine Dunham symposium titled Dunham Technique, Isolations, and American Social Dance that featured lecturer and renowned hip-hop artist Rennie Harris. Dunham Technique, It’s a way of Life was the emphasis of this year’s Certification Workshop as it explored not just Katherine Dunham’s model of the dancer/scholar but her engagement with spirituality.

Participants engaged in a holistic experience while they learned from master certified and certified Dunham Technique instructors as well as Dunham Technique scholars. The six day workshop culminated in a performance that honored Legacy Keeper and Dunham Technique master drummer Mor Thiam and facilitated the passing of the torch to the organization’s two new co-directors, Patricia Wilson and Penny Godboldo.

Saroya Corbett
Dunham Technique Certified Instructor, MFA

Source:  Saroya Corbett (Aug. 2014)

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