Penny Godboldo


Penny Godboldo

Certified Dunham Technique Instructor

Penny Godboldo is an Associate Professor of Dance and director of the Dance Education program at Marygrove College in Detroit.  She is former Chair of Dance — a position she held for 18 years.

Godboldo has been Michigan’s only certified instructor in the Dunham Technique since 1993.  Ms. Godboldo has served as Demonstrator for Ms. Dunham during master classes in Denver, Detroit and St. Louis and performed in Ms. Dunham’s works in St. Louis and Buffalo, N.W.

In 1991, she taught Dunham Technique in Japan for one month, in 1996 in Benin, W. Africa for months, and in 1997 she was a guest teacher in the CHAF Conference, La danse Haitienne:  Histoire et Traditions in Port au Prince.  Receiving her first training in Dunham from the late Jimmy Hunt and Clifford Fears, she has trained with former members of the original Dunham Dance Theater; Talley Beatty, Madame Lavinia Williams-Yarbrough, Tommy Gomez, Pearl Reynolds, Vanoye Aikens, among others.  Ms. Godboldo trains teachers and students ages 4 – 78 years in the Detroit community.

Ms. Godboldo’s travels (studying, teaching, choreographing, performing) have taken her to countries such as Ben, W. Africa, Cuba, Brazil, China, Israel, Egypt, Barbados, Italy, England, France and Scotland.  She imparts what she calls the “Holistic, Healing Power of Dance.”  It is based on the concept of the Mind-Body-Spirit connection, which is the foundation of the Katherine Dunham Technique.  She instills in her students the value that Dunham, truly is a “way of Life.”


She holds a Ph.D. degree and Teacher Certification from Wayne State University in Detroit and an M.A. degree in dance/theater from the University of Detroit.  She trained as a scholarship student at the Alvin Ailey American Dance School in N.Y.  Her research of over 20 years is “Dance in Traditional Religions.”  She helped develop the “Dancing for God:  Liturgical Dance Conference” series I, II and III from 2000 to 2004, and held another in 2006 where she is a member of Hartford Memorial Baptists Church, Dr. Charles G. Adams, Pastor.

She is Artistic Director of the Hartford Liturgical Dance Ministry — a position she has held for 11 years.  On April 24, 2005, Ms. Godboldo became a licensed minister at Hartford.

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