“The Relevance of Dunham: Preserving the Legacy”


“The Relevance of Dunham:  Preserving the Legacy”

Legendary dance artist and activist Katherine Dunham
describes the historical moment in 1944 when her dance company was asked to
perform for a segregated audience in Lexington, Kentucky

“The Relevance of Dunham:  Preserving the Legacy” will be the first in a series of panel discussions centered around the promotion and preservation of the lifelong mission of Katherine Dunham as a dance pioneer of the Dunham Technique.

The panel will feature dancers, educators and preservers of the legacy, and will continue an expanded dialogue on the viability and sustainability of Dunham Technique as a codified method of dance.  The topics of discussion will include the basis of the art form, its methods of delivery and the process to be trained and certified as an instructor of the technique.

Panelists will share their personal journeys through Dunham and their first-hand relationships with the matriarch of Black dance – Katherine Dunham.

Source:  Jacob’s Pillow Dance

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