World Premiere

Choreography by Irene Tassembedo

Music by Moustapha Cisse

Percussion played by Moustapha Cisse, L. Gerard Reid and Tony Wheeless

Costume design by Evan Ayotte and Irene Tassembedo

Lighting design by Joseph Allen Futral

This three-act ballet is an allegorical tale of suffering, hope and redemption.  The trouble in question is a life-threatening drought, which the people attempt to alleviate by performing rituals designed to bring on rain.  They meet with futilitiy until, finding the cause of the “trouble,” the rain finally comes and renews the earth.  According to the choreographer, the drought in the ballet symbolizes the drought of the mind, the spirit and the heart.

Ballethnic Dance Company Members

Nena Gilreath Lucas, Waverly Lucas, Carol McCoy, Rebekah Yilma-Sakati, Willie Anderson, Jose Rivera, Ineke Rush (Apprentices:  Lydia Cruz, Michelle Jones)

Compagnie Ebene Members

Tiziana Tassembedo Bonamin, Christopher Dasse, Tsivahiny Rabemananjara

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